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Product Design

👋 Cameo

Refactored the entire iOS app and web app from the ground up. New component libraries, all new screens, the whole thing.

Head of Design

Lead all design teams and projects across Cameo. Helped shaped the future of the company and product as part of the executive team

Product Manager

Lead one of Cameo's 5 core product teams and shipped features weekly. Focused on engagement, retention, and growth

Products users love

I integrate user feedback, business OKRs, and imaginative ideas to deliver products that users love, and stakeholders love too

Before / After

Rebuilt the iOS app and web app from the ground up.

My redesign dramatically increased celebrity engagement and customer purchases
Refactored the full search and browse experience to increase conversion by 304%
Simplified onboarding flow to ensure celebrities are successful on the platform longterm

Fully redesigned component library for iOS and Web.

📱 Meta

Founding Designer on the first cross-app team across Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, Facebook Reality Labs, Messenger, and WhatsApp

Launched 0-1 products on expedited timelines

Delivered key milestones for 2021/2022 launch moments (confidential)

Drove strategic work and leadership alignment at the VP-level

Seeded the design work that unified Meta's family of apps and features

🪐 Sol

Raised $700k pre-seed funding round and built two apps: one to revolutionize education and the other to solve planetary problems

From zero to traction

Responsible for the entire product journey from a literal sketch-on-a-napkin to a scaled-up delightful product

Finding PMF through customer love

Established an almost instant feedback loop between customers and product to find PMF as fast as possible

Growing the business thru happy customers

Designed new features and engagement flywheels and mechanisms to maximize longterm happiness

Designed and helped code full component library

Both web and iOS components using React and Typescript

Full product specs and designs for all features

From acquisition to onboarding to daily use of the product, designed and helped build all product and growth assets

Learning through iteration and feedback

I believe in doing whatever it takes to create products users love

⚾️ Greenfly

The execs at Greenfly think everyone wants to steal their idea so I can’t post these publicly.

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