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Head of design, product manager, community builder.

Building tech that brings out the best in humanity.

Product Design

Iconic products expertly designed.

Former Chief Design Officer at Cameo. Took app from 3.2 to 4.8 in the App Store in 6 months. Previous Head of Design at Greenfly and Product Design at Meta.


Years of experience

4.1 billion

Lives improved

Product Management

Perfectly balanced user NPS and business KPIs.

Product Manager at Cameo and Greenfly. Overall I've launched 102 features, gathered 1016 insights, and achieved a 4025% increase in engagement and purchasing behavior.

Award Winning
Shipping Leader


✨ Combining altruism and capitalism will unify the planet and continue strong economic growth

✨ We need people who love service not celebrity, who love purpose, not popularity

✨ Removing barriers to entry for AI and platform networks will power the next generation of successful tools

✨ Impact is the new currency, and transparency is the differentiator

Get to know me

🪐 My 16personalities type is the Protagonist (ENFJ-A)

🦾 I’m a cancer survivor – I was diagnosed with mucoepidermoid carcinoma when I was 18 and had 3 months to live. I’m now 20 years in remission 🥳

🧠 I love of solving complex problems and never give up

👋 I grew up poor in the KS countryside, lived in South Africa and Los Angeles, and recently moved to San Francisco

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I'm currently open to remote contract opportunities.