A virtual knowledge universe for planet earth.

Sol is a cloud-based human development platform that puts you in the driver’s seat. You can learn whatever you want, whenever you want, in a way that is uniquely tailored to your personal style of learning. From advanced astrophysics, to how to improve your marriage, to the latest investment strategies, Sol organizes content into simple interactive paths that are easy to understand and master.

My Roles

  • UX design mobile and desktop
  • Product design
  • Project management
  • UX strategy

Sol, Inc.






UX Mobile and Web, Product Design

UX design process.


Sol, Inc. is a new education technology startup that is pitching to investors for their seed round. They were in need of UX design for pitch deck screenshots, as well as a brand identity.


I created UX drafts for the app and website, and integrated them into a redesigned pitch deck. I have now started working on designing the app UX interface itself. I’m thrilled with the progress, and I will be updating this page as designs are completed.


I translated Sol, Inc.’s technical design documents into tangible UX designs. The platform is complex, so my main goal was not to eliminate complexity, but organize it in an intuitive and exciting way. The user experience is still in progress, and I hope to complete this process in roughly 1 year.

Website UX.

Design thinking and human-centered design

One main focus of the UX design was to capture the natural way humans learn. We are rarely engaged by sitting in a classroom and listening to a person talk. Instead, the Sol interface invites users to learn skills through exploration and challenge.

The design is natively 3D, which leverages human spacial and visual memory. These forms of memory are far more evolved in humans than linguistic memory, and it was important to incorporate three dimensions into the platform design.

The 3D nature of the platform also lends itself to Augmented Reality designs, which are currently underway. I will post updates on these designs as they become available.

App UX.

Work in progress.

Motion Logo

In addition, I created a motion logo the Sol pitch deck and funding events. The goal of the logo is to portray a combination of organic connection and technological evolution.

Sol is interested in the intersection of Earth and tech, and the round design is meant to echo the shapes inherent in our solar system: star, planets, orbits, moons, and our Earth. This cyclical design language evokes the connected nature of our planet and the knowledge it contains.