Changing the way the world sees young people.

The Fuller Youth Institute is a research institute dedicated to helping organizations and companies understand young people and partner with them to accomplish world-changing initiatives.

The Fuller Youth Institute has been featured on NPR, Q, Catalyst, and The Huffington Post.

My Roles

  • Creative Director
  • Designed internal and external UX company-wide
  • Led teams to launch and support 3 web and mobile applications, 2 interactive online assessments, 4 interactive online training modules, 7 websites, 6 books, 14 films, 39 interactive live events, and 18 conferences
  • Increased sales 540% through user experience strategic initiatives
  • Received $2.1 million in grants for innovation projects
  • Increased active users from 36,000 to 1.7 million

Fuller Youth Institute




2013 – 2017


UX Design, Creative Direction, Product Design

Layout includes Z-axis manipulation and all current webkit bells and whistles.
Responsive layout is built with mobile in mind from the start.
Elements are built using Adobe XD and WordPress.


Due to increased exposure from an NPR interview that resulted in an explosion of book sales, the Fuller Youth Institute was in need of rebranding and UX design befitting their new status as a national movement.


I conceptualized and developed web and mobile applications and online assessments, redesigned the website using modern standards, designed book covers and book interiors, created visual style guidelines, developed product pipelines, directed and produced films, and managed the creative process from start to finish.

Human-centered design everywhere

I led several design sprints with members of the Creative Team focused on the mobile experience of FYI’s online assessments, the mobile shopping experience, branding and marketing style guidelines, and user experience at live events.

The UX was broadly redesigned across the board, which dramatically increased sales, engagement, and active users.

The new visual aesthetic also attracted additional partnerships and grants, which boosted FYI’s market presence significantly.

What improved UX did.


Sales increase in 4 yrs


People Reached


Distinct Creative Projects


In Grants Received

UX before and after. (Drag the slider)

It was a thrilling transformation.

More things I made.

For the Fuller Youth Institute.

Book Release Trailer
Motion Graphics Design
Directing Short Films
Private Download Page
Book Cover Design
Back Cover Design
Another Book Cover

Style Guide

In addition, I created the FYI Style Guide to establish a unique visual identity for the organization. This brought cohesion to all FYI materials and ensured future creative projects would maintain a high quality standard.

See Style Guide