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Ourselves Like Planets

By May 21, 2016 2 Comments

Today a good friend told me that I’m tearing down the church to promote my own views of the gospel.

It stung.

Our job as church leaders is to articulate the way of Yeshua.

It’s a tough job. It means late nights of careful research, retracing steps, internal struggle, new discovery, and, above all, a willingness to continually agonize over and refine our views.

Which means that the way we articulate the gospel is constantly shifting into closer and closer alignment with YHWH, like planets slowly converging to form a connected line.

The goal is not to remold the gospel to fit a particular political stance or social ideal. The way of Yeshua isn’t liberal, or conservative, or socialist. Yeshua taught long before our political system emerged, and long before the idea of state sovereignty was created by a few rich Europeans in the 1600s. So to label Yeshua’s political positions as “progressive” or “socialist,” or to label Yeshua himself as “progressive” or “socialist,” is to retro-read current ideas onto a person and time in which they did not exist.

Yeshua wasn’t a socialist, nor was he a progressive. His views were progressive in 1st Century Judea, but what “progressive views” meant then, and what they mean now, are worlds apart.

Which frees us to articulate Yeshua’s message without fear.

Some of what Yeshua taught seems conservative. Some of it seems liberal. Some of it seems socialist.

And of course it would, because his goal was to describe a way of life aligned with YHWH, not a cohesive 21st century political ideal.

If you approach the gospel with a hard-edged political or ideological stance, Yeshua appears to be schizophrenic and threatening, which is exactly how the religious establishment viewed him at the time. But if you wrestle with his teachings first, as the primordial starting point, and then build an ideology from there, the concepts slowly converge, like planets.

To take it a step further, some of what Yeshua taught seems Buddhist. Some seems humanist. Some seems Greek Orthodox. Some seems Pentecostal. Some seems Baptist.

It’s not surprising that various political or religious movements have grabbed hold of certain parts of YHWH’s truth. Our job is to articulate that truth as clearly as we can.

All parts of it.

All the planets.

” You sound Republican.” “You sound Socialist.” “You sound Capitalist.”

Of course. Because we’re trying to articulate a way of living that pre-dates and transcends those concepts.

Our job isn’t to make it fit whatever we believe, our job is to authentically get the word out about it so that everybody can do it.

May we take the way of Yeshua and start there. May we align ourselves like planets, slowly moving until we’re all pointing in the same direction. May we speak the gospel of YHWH without fear.


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  • Brad Kunkel says:

    Very well put. If you’re going to try to help people get past the bastardized hodge podge narrative that has been fabricated over a couple millenium and further corrupted by the devil’s bargain we’ve made with modern political and economic theories, then you’re going to get stung. Those who claim to be God’s people will sting you. They seem to enjoy that.

    Hear the word of the Lord,
    you who tremble at his word:
    “Your own people who hate you,
    and exclude you because of my name, have said,
    ‘Let the Lord be glorified,
    that we may see your joy!’
    Yet they will be put to shame. (our friend Isaiah)

    Some day I’ll come out and join your crusade, if and when I think I can handle a few more stings. For now keep the faith, stay strong, help us make this happen.

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