About Matthew


My goal is to evolve planet Earth by building tools that drive human development.

I mainly focus on UX design and strategy, and help companies move to a human-centered design approach.

I’ve been part of a few startups, including Roshambo Global and Snowtone Limited, both of which provided UX and branding for socially-minded initiatives and companies. I also spent time in Cape Town, South Africa where I helped deploy experimental social business models and helped build an intercultural training facility in the Masiphumelele township. I¬†also, through a freak turn of events, found myself consulting for the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa on decriminalization reform and anti-human trafficking legislation, and as an advisor for the Traffick Proof coalition and Media Village in Muizenberg.

I now live in Marina del Rey, California with my wife Irene Cho.

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